With Saxo Bank, your securities portfolio is worth much more than you think!

Published on : 27 December 20193 min reading time

Saxo Banque continues to expand in France and today announces the launch of its collateral trading offer. A genuine innovation in the online brokerage market, collateral trading enables Saxo Banque’s clients to use up to 75% of the value of their securities portfolio (shares and bonds) to invest in equities, commodities and indices via CFDs (contracts for difference) as well as Forex.

In concrete terms, when you have a securities account with a traditional broker, it is generally not possible to use these securities as collateral or guarantee to initiate new positions on the stock markets. The capital invested in shares or bonds is therefore immobilised.

At Saxo Bank, the securities portfolio can generate up to 75% of its value. This collateral can then be used to initiate new CFD or Forex positions. The capital invested in securities is therefore partly paid up and serves as a guarantee to invest up to 20 times the paid-up capital in CFDs or up to 100 times in Forex.

The share of collateral generated by the securities portfolio is valued by Saxo Bank on the basis of the composition of the equity and bond portfolio held by the Client. Generally speaking, the most liquid securities generate a higher proportion of collateral.

A Client with an initial securities portfolio worth €100,000 may benefit from collateral of up to €75,000. By activating the leverage available on Forex or CFDs, Saxo Banque’s Client can thus invest up to €7,500,000 on Forex or €1,500,000 on CFDs.

Pierre Antoine Dusoulier, Chairman of Saxo Banque France, said :

“This offer, exclusive on the online brokerage market, once again demonstrates our strong capacity for innovation. Indeed, we are committed to providing active investors with the optimal level of service and support that they are entitled to expect from their online broker today.

We were the only player in the market to offer a stock market investment service integrating equities, bonds, currencies, commodities, Forex and CFDs in a single account. We are now the only one to offer active investors the possibility of maximising their investment capacity through collateral trading.

Finally, this offer comes at the right time for professionals in the financial sector. Indeed, at a time when bonuses are often paid in shares, I am convinced that some will see this as a great opportunity…”.

New Saxo Bank Clients will also benefit from an offer to transfer their share and bond portfolio free of charge up to a transfer fee of €2,000, which will be reimbursed on request.

Foreign exchange (Forex) transactions and financial instruments offered by Saxo Banque France are highly speculative, in particular due to their leverage effect, and may expose you to risks of losses greater than the amount invested.

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