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5 Ways How AI Can Benefit Financial Services

AI – or Artificial Intelligence – tends to be associated with innovation and entertainment rather than with long-established institutions that seem to have been functioning perfectly well without it. The role of AI in financial services might therefore still be unclear, though…

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Credit card: what are the Guarantees

Having a credit card means taking advantage of all the benefits that go with it. Yes, before using a card, you must first know all the guarantees and insurances included. Thanks to these protections, you will be able to travel…

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SMEs choose the online banking offer

With the explosion of the digital world, we have seen the appearance of many virtual banks. Some of them offer services tailored to SMEs, while others simply serve private individuals. In recent years, it has become clear that these online…

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Buying back cash balance: how to call on a third party?

There are a number of reasons why you may want to make a buyback. However, for financial reasons, it is impossible for you to carry out this operation. You can always save your property by buying back the balance from…

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Information and advice on the banking sector: an online guide

With today’s time constraints, many sectors have had to resort to online correspondence. And to do so, they have created web addresses, sites and even social network accounts to communicate with their customers or subscribers. The banking sector has taken…

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