Financial Sector

What are the advantages of a term account investment?

A term account or WTP is a bank account that looks a few points like a savings account. However, they don’t work the same way. You earn interest with a savings account while you earn interest with a term account….

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How and where do you invest your money as a tenant?

You are a tenant and you want to invest your money? It’s crazy to think that renting an apartment is like throwing your money out the window. It may even be the best option to set aside enough money to…

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How does credit pooling work and what are the necessary steps?

When you have some money problems, you can opt for various financing solutions such as credit consolidation for example. This is an excellent alternative for all your financial problems. Credit consolidation is the possibility of benefiting from a single credit…

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Understand the operating principle of repurchase and credit consolidation

Credit repurchase is a technique that tends to be increasingly used in France. This is due to the fact that many individuals and families opt for this loan solution in order to solve a financial problem or simply to finance…

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