BNP Paribas Produits de Bourse launches new Bonus Certificates

After having issued Bonus Cappé Certificates on equities and indices, BNP Paribas is the first issuer to offer Gold and Silver indexed Bonus Cappé Certificates through stock exchange products. These Certificates offer an attractive potential performance at maturity if the price of the underlying does not fall below a floor during the life of the product. They are suitable for a medium-term investment horizon, their maturity date generally being between 6 and 24 months. See below for more information about Bonus Cappés Gold and Silver Bonus Certificates. Listed continuously on the Paris Stock Exchange, these Certificates can be bought and sold at any time between 9:05 am and 5:30 pm. Gold, a benchmark safe haven on the financial markets, has been an asset used for many years by investors as a source of portfolio diversification. Gold is particularly sought-after in times of market uncertainty, geopolitical risks and inflationary pressures. Like gold, silver also attracts many investors wishing to take advantage of its status as a precious metal and its industrial opportunities. With the launch of these new Bonus Cappés Certificates, BNP Paribas Produits de Bourse opens up a simple and innovative way to invest in Gold and Silver. To discover this new way to invest in Gold and Silver, a team of BNP Paribas Produits de Bourse experts is available to answer all questions from the public and investors. Investors to the toll-free number 0 800 235 000 BNP PARIBAS Produits de Bourse offers retail investors a range of around 2,700 equity, index, commodity and currency derivatives listed and continuously traded on NYSE Euronext Paris.

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