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Crédit Agricole offers an Iphone application for property search

Heureux Propriétaire, Crédit Agricole’s new iPhone(1)(2) application, is the first application enabling first-time buyers to search for a home to buy according to the monthly budget they could devote to it, optimised by the amount of the interest-free loan +…

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“Diagnostic épargne”, an innovative site to make your savings grow!

Building up savings intelligently is not easy when you don’t have a good grasp of banking products at your fingertips. Hence the usefulness of “Diagnostic épargne”, a fun site accessible to all, which provides personalized advice. Crédit Agricole Pyrénées Gascogne…

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Financial and banking news: how to remedy its banking problems?

Rejected direct debits, bounced cheques or overdrawn accounts: payment incidents can now affect many French and European investors. Legally regulated by laws, these payment incidents can be subject to costly bank charges, although some banks are more lenient than others….

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Make an online credit estimate to help you make a better choice

Nowadays, applying for or taking out credit online is becoming increasingly simple with the democratisation of information and communication technology. However, before proceeding to the subscription, in other words, before taking out a mortgage online, please take the time to…

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