Swiss Life invests in in-game advertising

Published on : 27 December 20192 min reading time

Already present on social networks such as Facebook, and on the iPhone with the creation of a “Pollen Alert” application, Swiss Life is diversifying its communication channels to meet new communities such as online games.

Swiss Life is thus becoming a partner of the online game Empire of Sports. Entirely dedicated to sport, this universe allows virtual sportsmen and women to compete with players from all over the world since the site is available in five languages and brings together a community of more than 1.4 million registered players.

Building on its Swiss origins, Swiss Life’s presence takes the form of a sponsorship of a ski competition. The event is held monthly and the slope on which each edition takes place is entirely in Swiss Life’s colours, further enhancing the immersion of the players. Each participant is greeted by a hostess in a virtual corner in the colours of the Swiss Life brand. Each participant is given a “health prevention” sheet before the start of the race and, depending on his or her score, wins Swiss Life virtual promotional items. An official ranking will be used to decide the best skiers and the winner of the Swiss Life Ski Tour!

Anne-Marie Lasry – Head of Communications and Brand Quality at Swiss Life

“I am convinced that this initiative is positive for Swiss Life’s brand image. It helps to convey the image of a modern company that is firmly rooted in the times. Moreover, when the brand meets its clients or prospects in an environment associated with relaxation and leisure, the memory and affinity are all the stronger”.

Eddie Abécassis – Head of E-Business and Commercial Operations at Swiss Life

“We want to strengthen and structure our presence around the various Internet media. The partnership with Empire of Sports is part of this approach and allows us to meet new communities such as online games”.


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