LCL offers two new mutual funds guaranteed at maturity

Published on : 27 December 20192 min reading time

LCL Formule Sécurité France and LCL Formule Sécurité France AV

These two 8-year formula funds are indexed on a basket composed of equal parts of the 20 main stocks in the CAC 40 index, the benchmark index in France.

The objective of the funds is to offer, at the end of the 8 years (i.e. 28/06/2019):

– 100% of the initial investment (1)

– increased by the performance of a Basket of 20 shares, the performance of each of the shares being capped at 85% in the calculation of the final performance of the Basket, i.e. a maximum annual rate of return of 8%(1). The Basket, which is equally weighted, is made up of the 20 CAC 40 companies with the highest weightings in the index on 28 January 2011.

Thus, at maturity (28/06/2019) and for each of the 20 stocks in the Basket, the performance since the launch is shown. These funds, with their simple mechanism, are designed for investors who do not wish to take any capital risk at the end of the 8-year period(1) while wishing to benefit, even partially, from the growth potential of the 20 largest French companies.

Subscriptions to LCL Formule Sécurité France (April 2011) and LCL Formule Sécurité France AV (April 2011) are open until 10/06/2011 (noon).

(1) For holders who subscribed during the reference period (from 21/04/11 to 10/06/11) and kept their units until the formula expires (on 28/06/2019) and excluding fees related to the life insurance contract and excluding subscription fees for securities accounts and PEAs.

(2) Offered as unit-linked support for Lionvie Rouge Corinthe 1 and 2, Rouge Corinthe 3, Lionvie Vert Equateur 1 and 2, Lionvie Multicapital, Actilion Vie 1 and 2, Lionvie Opportunités (except for June 97), Lionvie Opportunités Permanent, Lionvie Croissance Double.

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