Crédit Agricole offers an Iphone application for property search

Published on : 27 December 20193 min reading time

Heureux Propriétaire, Crédit Agricole’s new iPhone(1)(2) application, is the first application enabling first-time buyers to search for a home to buy according to the monthly budget they could devote to it, optimised by the amount of the interest-free loan + (PTZ+)(3) they could benefit from. This is a new way of approaching the search for the first home to buy. Indeed, the price of the property is no longer the only determining financial criterion: the inclusion of the PTZ+ in the search results is done in an innovative way and becomes a real complementary tool to help in the choice between different housing options.

Happy homeowner: the instructions for a first purchase

After downloading Heureux Propriétaire free of charge from the App Store(4), the user enters the monthly amount he wishes to dedicate to his home, the number of people he wants to live there and the location of the property he is looking for. This can be entered manually or determined using the iPhone’s geolocation function.

The application then proposes the corresponding property offers among the classified ads on, the national partner of Crédit Agricole and Square Habitat, the Crédit Agricole Group’s network of real estate agencies.

The user then receives, on his iPhone, a list of ads with an estimate of the PTZ+ amount to which he is potentially entitled for this property. He then selects the ads that correspond to him and saves them, possibly for a visit. The final step enables him to identify the Crédit Agricole branch where he can contact an advisor and draw up his financing plan.

Crédit Agricole and Housing

Crédit Agricole is the leader in real estate financing for households, and is present alongside its customers throughout the entire property purchase process. In a first-time buyers’ market that is changing with the launch of PTZ+, Crédit Agricole is stepping up its involvement in supporting all future homeowners by offering them a unique educational tool to help them find a property and prepare their project.

Crédit Agricole continues to expand on the mobile channel

The bank is strengthening its presence on the mobile channel. Indeed, in June 2010, it was one of the first banks to launch a budget management application designed specifically for the iPhone: the My Budget application. Today and after receiving the Silver medal at the 2010 Mobile Awards, the My Budget application is a real success, with more than 300,000 downloads. It is now available on iPad (5), Windows Phone 7(6) and very soon on Android (7).

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