What are the different professions in banking and insurance?

  Do you want to work in a bank or an insurance company? Yes, it is a sector that is always recruiting. And the salary is very motivating! But what kind of jobs can you do? What are the missions and profiles required? The editorial staff will give you all the information you need to know on the subject. You can also consult Althos, the asset manager, to optimise your financial investments, to benefit from a life insurance comparison or to get answers to your questions.

Sales representatives, the indispensable ones!

The hiring of sales representatives is not about to stop! Yes, banks and insurance companies need new, dynamic and motivated people to increase the company's turnover. They are there to satisfy customer demands and boost sales. This is why most firms are looking for versatile agents who can sell both banking and insurance products. Brokers and general agents, for example, are very much in demand in the industry.

Back and front office jobs

Even if the salespeople are the pillars, the company cannot function alone. The other jobs in the bank are indispensable, such as: account manager, online adviser, financial adviser, technician, cashier, credit analyst, financial analyst, asset manager, portfolio manager, trader, accountant, chartered accountant, marketing product manager, lawyers, IT specialists, control officers, branch director or manager, insurance contract manager, etc. In short, this list is not exhaustive. In any case, if you are ambitious and motivated, you will certainly find your place here.

Training and qualities required to work in a bank or insurance company

There are many applicants. So if you want to impress the recruiters, you have to be well-armed! Firstly, you must have the technical skills for the position you are applying for. Experience in the field would really be an asset. Note: Don't forget to focus on your digital skills. This may surprise your future employers. Secondly, as far as training is concerned, a bachelor's degree is essential to enter the sector. For example, for a position in the classic back office, you must have a BTS in Banking and Insurance or Negotiation and Customer Relations. But the company may also require a license. Masters degrees are mainly required for positions of responsibility. Ultimo, the qualities of the candidate can tip the balance. He or she must have good interpersonal and organisational skills. A great openness to others is also required as well as an ability to work in a group.

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