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Banking services for everyone

Banking institutions now offer a wide range of services tailored to customer needs (retirement supplement, project financing, etc.) for individuals and professionals alike and for any type of business and investment. These services can be discovered on service providers dealing with the world of business, credit and finance…

Traditional banking services that represent the very essence of the bank’s role, such as opening and maintaining accounts, transferring, withdrawing and depositing funds, providing means of payment, etc., are available to all customers.

Other services have grown rapidly in recent years, such as remote payment thanks to innovations in IT and telecommunications technologies.

Private banking

Bank offering private asset management services (real estate, wealth...) for relatively wealthy people.

Online Banking

It has no physical branch like a traditional bank and offers the same services accessible on the Internet.

Put your project in place

Project financing

Whatever the project (car purchase, launch of commercial activity or other......) you must estimate your financing needs.

Cost and profitability

In addition to cost, profitability, market research and the amortization period of the credit are fundamental parameters.

Obtaining a loan

Present your project idea to your banker and try to be as convincing as possible to get a loan.

Behind the scenes of bank loans

After having submitted your application for the financing of a credit project, the bank carries out its study to decide whether or not to grant the loan to the client.

As mentioned by Bank Corner, the precautionary principle on which the bank relies, whether it is a retail bank or an investment financing bank, is to ensure the solvency of the applicant for credit. It is on the basis of the information received that it can consider that the granting of the loan does not present any risk in terms of repayment.

The calculation of the overall effective rate of credit and its costs are part of the main behind-the-scene procedures of bank loans.

A thorough investigation

A thorough investigation

Before the decision is made

Wealth management

The assets remained for years, the banks’ business. Today, not only are many of them practicing wealth management, but it is also done by professionals called wealth management advisors. The purpose of wealth management is to help individuals and professionals find an investment solution adapted to their needs with tailor-made support in all their heritage projects.

The investment is dependent on an event (acquisitions, liquidation of a joint venture, etc.) or financial press releases/announcements. In short, you have to be an attentive follower of the financial sphere.